Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pent up frustration

It feels like the pressure is on this afternoon. What's changed? Well... nothing. It just feels that way. But that's how things have been lately. One day will not be so hard... and the next my husband and I will both feel like we are stretched to our limits.
We have heard nothing from the Houston company at all yet. My husband thinks he has a few potential offers for NY, but nothing concrete, and they are only worth while if we are there already. Which brings me to the issue of our tenants. We have still received no rent from them... and have still been unable to get in touch with them. My husband is trying to get a friend to stop by there today... to personally ask them to pay up, and contact us. Though I am willing to bet they simply won't come to the door, unless we get lucky and one of them is outside already when he gets there. It is just so damn frustrating.
And then there are my issues that are all my own. I am uncomfortable. Physically uncomfortable. When I sit in this computer chair, my lower back hurts and my hip sometimes hurts even more, when I sit on the couch, my lower back really hurts, when I stand, my hip really hurts... and when I lay down, they all just ache. I just feel like no matter what I do I can not get comfortable, and it is really starting to get to me. It has been going on for probably nearly 2 months now. If we had money, and insurance, I would have been to the doctor already. But, we don't. So I am stuck.
The next nice day we have, I am going into the garage to organize and pack it. I would rather have a head start on this than cram it all in and be unorganized about it. I had my chance last week, we had a day that was 60 degrees out... that night it dropped to 20, and has not made it much above freezing since. Not to mention the snow...
I know this entry is all over the place.. sorry about that. I just feel really tired, and run down. Anyway, here is another one too if you are interested.

5:17 p.m.

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