Monday, September 10, 2012

Perspective, Redefined again

I am just really frustrated at the moment.
I had such a good weekend in so many ways - so frankly I feel guilty even having anything to complain about.
But I do. I feel like I am in a bit of a fog. And, I am really upset and totally being pulled down by it. I have felt a slight disconnect from my husband the past few days... and that is bothering me greatly. I know it is only temporary... and I really can't even pinpoint a reason for it... but it's there.
And then... you remember this? This "former friend" of mine has continued to read this diary, through her new found "best buddy" - and they leave these comments using other names... just bashing me, and my beliefs... and so of course I have read her crap too... just to see her constantly bashing me.
But I have not said a damn word to that pathetic bitch in months. Not a word.
But apparently... she has been saying plenty about me. So much so, that her husband got irritated (with her constant award winning ability to nag the fuck out of you for something unreasonably) and decided to write his "own" entry. Totally bashing myself and my husband. I am not going to link to it... because that would give her the pleasure of knowing I saw it... and of knowing it got under my skin badly enough too write about it. But I will happily blockquote it for you:
As Sherri has put in previous diary entries, she has stated that every now and then I would put an entry in for my opinions and feelings.

For the last week, Sherri has put in several resumes into alot of different companies that are focused more on the needs of family and the needs of a full time mom. And never-the-less, in this "Toxic" environment, she has gotten alot of replies from finance companies that are willing to train her and get her licensed. Even with her also wanting to stay focused on the family.
I am a very proud and lucky man to have such a wonderful wife who is willing to get off her butt and help with the finances and keep this family going. With out her, life would definitely be harder for all of us.
There are a few people out there, and I don't have to mention names because they know who they are, who can't seem to get their life together without attempting to drag down other people with them. These people love to make accusations and assumptions about Sherri and her friend that they can't prove.
The "husband" can't seem to hold down a job long enough to even put it on a resume and sometimes quits because (insert whining voice) "They took my internet away from me because I like to finger bang the next available slut that likes my profile on my singles ad."
The "wife" does nothing but complain that she can't lose weight and that she's so tired, but does nothing to improve herself or her lifestyle. She much rather sit at the computer bashing Sherri and her friend and watch her ass grow.
Now, I like to think that I work hard to earn an honest living. I'll be the first to admit that I don't make a 6 figure income and that the budget is so tight that yes we do live from check to check. But, I do all of this because I love my family and that I know that the harder I work, the happier my family is.
Since these people have left this so called "Toxic" environment and "Plastic Neighborhood", I have gotten a new job that enjoy more now than ever (and yes, I sent my resume over the internet and got a response within 24 hours and hired within a week). Simply put, you assholes have no ambition to live your life to its fullest and you don't even have a clue the first thing about being a family.
Do yourself and the people of the world a favor and shut the fuck up. Nobody is interested or even cares about your pathetic problems that you bring on yourself. Grow some fucking brains before your kids outsmart you.
Now, I know you're probably wondering why it's taking me this long to say all of this. I'm tired of hearing about all the stupid shit that you pull on this diary site with my wife and her friend. If you don't like Sherri or her friend, stay out of their diaries. If you don't like what you read, stay out of the diaries. If you don't want Sherri or her friend to see your diary, stay out of theirs.
And in closing of this lecture, I am "Honoured" that you fucks moved back to your rat infested state and hope you stay there to prevent further world contamination. STAY AWAY FROM SHERRI AND KELLY FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME YOU SHIT FOR BRAIN FUCK HEADS.
Now... all I can really say to that, is.. what the fuck? I don't "pull" anything on "this diary site" - I write my diary... and I just want them to leave me the hell alone. Instead I get her nasty comments about my writing about the Hurricane, and her mocking my near every word. I just don't understand. I guess it hits me so hard because I thought her husband at least had a shred of common sense.
Even still.. this is MY diary. If I want to call Sherri the cunt she clearly is... I can damn well do it. And if I want to call her dimwitted twit friend Kelly the ignorant trusting hick she is - I can do that too. But you see... I won't do that publicly... because I have a heart. I actually cared about Sherri. I actually thought she was my friend for a while. I thought she cared about me too.
And all the references to my "fat lazy ass" - have torn me to pieces. I know I have only myself to blame for my weight. Not that his cow wife was supportive at all of me getting it off while I was in Illinois... no... that would make me even prettier than her, and she could not have that... but I am not lazy - I keep my house sparkling fucking spotless compared to her pig sty.
Maybe it's good... maybe it is what I need to get my ass in gear. But the way he said it - it is simply all lies. And it hurts. It just plain hurts. So, so deeply. Part of me was hoping my husband would just rip into them to "defend my honor" - but he doesn't want too - for the same reasons I am making this a totally private entry. It would give them too much satisfaction to know they hurt me so badly. I just don't understand. It's like she is not living her life... to throw insults at me. To STILL compete with me.
I thought this would be a more intellectual entry, than a name throwing contest... so - I am sorry for all of that. I was just so floored by reading that. I think they are seriously delusional. "Stay away from them" - yeah buddy... maybe you forgot to take your meds today?
Oh, and - the last jab was just juvenile. My husband spells honor with a "u" - he picked it up a while ago, I think when he was in England. So... why the hell jab THAT?
Oh... and yet another thing... yes, I blocked their i.p. addresses... they are so desperate to read my diary, they still come here, through this site. So it makes their i.p.'s anonymous... so I CAN'T block it.

11:21 p.m.

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