Monday, September 10, 2012

Redoing one room at a time...

Well... my husband is finally home! I am so happy to say I am about to go get the best night's sleep that I have had all week.
And, remember when I said, I would keep you all in suspense for Thursday's entry? I finally get to do the entry!
Since the day we got back here in June, there is something I have wanted to do - that, at first we simply did not have the resources to make possible... but recently, we have simply not had the time.
My baby girl's room, has been blue. The tenants painted it that color... and, it is not like it was a soft, sweet blue. No. It was an in your face near neon blue. I have hated it with a passion. So... I have very carefully been gathering the things I needed to totally redo it, and give her an update on her sheets, along with an actual "theme" that she has been missing as well. I did not clue my husband in, because it would have just been one more thing for him to worry about. And he has been pushing it off over and over again... so I hoped that he would just find it a nice surprise to come home, after his four days away... to find it all DONE.
And, as far as he has said - he totally loves it.
I did it so that my daughter, and my husband saw it for the first time together, that way he got to see her reaction in person - and she got her "big" birthday present just a few days early.
And I am so proud of myself too. I was all prepared to do the painting each night when the children slept, but... my brother really stepped up to the plate and offered to help out. So, the painting was done by him... and that horrible blue... it took three coats of primer to cover it up. But I am SO happy to have it done. I just feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!
So... I leave you with some pictures of all the work we did, and a few of the neat things I got for her "theme" - I gave her a butterflies/unicorns theme... and she loves it!
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The "before." I meant to get one with all the furniture in it, but I totally forgot about it.
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After the third coat of primer. It was such a nice sight to finally see that blue gone.
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And finally... all the hard work paid off! See the fairy on top of the shelf? That was sort of the inspiration for the theme. I will put an up close of it at the bottom of the entry...
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Here are her new nifty bed sheets!
And there are more... you can find them all here. I am really just so proud of it! I really am!
And here is the fairy that I got her, that I just love:

And one of the posters I put on her walls (that I don't think I caught well in any of the pictures) was this:

Now I am going to go get some much needed sleep. Tomorrow I have a birthday cake to bake. (I can not believe she is going to be THREE.)

11:22 p.m.

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