Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Private entry notice too...
Ups and downs... one moment these days I feel totally sure of myself, the next, well, I feel the complete opposite.
We really truly have buyers for our house! Already! I am so shocked - and very relieved! We will officially be in contract with them today or tomorrow - so I can't say it is all set in stone yet... THAT doesn't happen until they close.. but it is looking very promising!
Life's twists and turns have been taking me for a real ride lately. I have been thinking so much about my past. And maybe a little of it has to do with some of the reconnecting I have done with friends of mine from YEARS ago. I considered one of them one of my "very best friend's" back then... and we had lost touch. And of all places, I found her again on myspace! It has been great talking back and forth... I just hate all the time we missed - but knowing we are in touch now and going forward is comforting.
I have been thinking so much about my Grandmother. I can still just close my eyes, and picture myself walking up to her house, smelling the air, feeling the iron railing... I can mentally walk in her house, see her sitting in her recliner, her parakeet behind her - a place for everything, and everything in it's place. She was always such a stabilizing, comforting force in my life. My mother on the other hand... is like "anti-stabilization" - and I keep thinking, "My Mimi would know what to do" - but I don't have her to turn too.
I enjoy having my mother here... having her help. But on the other hand, I feel totally suffocated. She has become way too nosey, and she thinks her opinion is required at EVERYTHING. I know she is doing "what mother's do" - and I know it is typical for it to get under your skin... I just feel like she has no place to be shoving her nose in, however, because the way her life has played out - makes me want to AVOID her advice, not embrace it.
I think I need a major vacation. My husband, my munchkins and myself... I wish we could just escape everything for a week. (And then maybe I could drop them all off at home after that, and get my own couple of days alone...) But... I know that will not happen anytime soon... unless my husband has a heck of a birthday present for me up his sleeve. Pretty soon it will be time for me to start packing - and I am VERY excited about that. I just know moving also involves plenty of stress. And I feel like we have just met our stress quota for the year already.
Maybe we can get all moved in, and then take a nice vacation? Though I could really use one now.

2:34 p.m.

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