Friday, September 7, 2012

Seeing red...

Before reading this entry, make sure you go back and read this entry posted by my husband earlier today.

His brother is the most self centered jack ass asshole piece of donkey turd worthless numb nut shit face I have probably ever encountered. On a few occasions we have pretended to get along, but that has always ended with email shouting matches and him laughing at me - because that is what he does when he can't handle reality, or what someone is saying that he disagrees with... anything outside his little "box" of the worship Andrew's brother world of egg shell walking nonsense.

My husband is heartbroken. His father is most likely dying. He can no longer breathe on his own and is on a respirator... life support. His self centered shit head older brother has not even gone to see his father - and he is within a 20 mile radius. Meanwhile I am not paying a few bills here to make sure if it gets to that point, my husband CAN go. NOT just for his dad, though my husband needs that closure as well... but for his mother. She has been so amazingly strong through all this the past year, knowing there was only one way for it to end. And all my husband wanted to do in that IM earlier was get his brother to see how much he needs to be there for the FAMILY right now. Not his jerk head friends. Instead his brother turns it into a poor him session to which of course my husband responded with his concern for his brother's well being, because he has had many bought's of illness recently and my husband's mother could NOT handle that too right now.

His brother is in the worst sort of denial when it comes to his weight... he probably thinks he needs to lose about 100lbs - when its probably something like 400lbs he needs to lose. (Those numbers are merely my own guesses but you can see the immense variance between probably reality and his perceived view.) And after seeing the way he spoke to my husband I just want to rip the bastards head off. I could send him some long winded email, but it would do no good. I have done similar things in the past and it's done no good. I just dislike that "man" so very much.

Meanwhile - and not to in anyway take the spot light off my husbands need for reassurance right now... my "family" clearly forgot my sweet angel's birthday. She turned 2 on Friday - and I am just amazed at that. She is so very special to me... there simply are no words to describe it. My husband's mother was devastated she "only" gave a $50 gift card and sent the card out late. Meanwhile she if anyone had reason to do nothing... her husband is gravely ill. While my older brother and mother and the rest of "my family" didn't even call. How shitty is that?

1:43 p.m.

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