Monday, September 10, 2012

Sinus woes

My little "miracle pill" isn't working yet. And wow do I feel like crap. Some of the cold symptoms are gone... (no more fever and chills)... but since the horrible taste is still in my mouth, I still have not eaten anything. So, the few cold symptoms I have gotten rid of... have been replaced with a pure feeling of weakness and lethargy.
And it is sort of weird... I have reached the point where, I have not really eaten anything of substance since the steak my husband made Friday night. (No, I am not counting the 4 bites of mashed potatoes Saturday) And... I am not even craving "food" anymore.
It's like, on one hand... I am SO damn hungry. And I am planning the moment I realize my gag reflex is not going to kick on the moment I put something in my mouth, because everything just tastes - rotten. And I would just love a big prime rib steak, with a baked potato, and a good leafy salad. And I would love a big pizza with extra sauce and cheese... even the thought of a friggin burger king whopper with bacon and cheese (don't forget to add mustard!) would just be amazing for me at the moment... but everything tastes the same. It tastes like I am trapped on "Survivor" being forced to eat some bowl of maggots - only there is no big financial gain at the end... and when I puke, I don't get a "get out of the challenge free because your team lost so you don't have to endure this anymore" card. And if that was too graphic for anyone... I truly am sorry. I just really feel crappy.
And then... I don't even want to eat. I am even afraid to try. It's like every time I do take a bite of something, it just makes that horrible taste hang in there stronger for a while.
And I just want to go to sleep. So so badly. But I can't do that either. My husband is on a job interview at the moment (think good thoughts!) and since he had to go all the way to Brooklyn, I am sure I won't see him again until late this afternoon.
So... anyway.. I guess that is all for now. I am really not down, though I realize it may sound that way. I am just super tired... and I really just feel yucky. But, I am excited and hopeful about my husband's interview. Hopefully he will come home with some very good news.

11:55 a.m.

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