Friday, September 7, 2012

Some great news!

I have not meant to neglect my diary... life has just gotten so busy the past couple of weeks.

I have great news... actually BETTER than great news! This Saturday my husband and I will go pick up a second car. I am so excited... this past week has been filled with so many emotional ups and downs it has just been insane. Last weekend we went with a friend of my husband's to look at USED SUV's... he knew someone at a dealership so we knew our terrible credit would not be an issue. Well, all the ones there were going to give us an insane monthly payment... so we went to plan "B" - that was to have a cosigner help us get a NEW one... everything was looking great... I got to drive a 2004 Trailblazer with ALL the "bells and whistles" and of course I fell in love with the truck... the next day, the cosigner "fell through."

I was so upset. I was ready to just give up on our quest for a second car all together. We have been trying to get another car for what seems like months now, because we knew we needed something bigger before the new baby gets here... and I have been going insane relying on my husband to get home at a "reasonable" time at night for me to get where *I* needed to go...

Then my husband started to work his "magic" - and somehow... he got us approved, with NO cosigner. My husband is amazing at things like that... he could sell a blind man a coloring book.

I am just so excited. I don't think I will actually believe it until it is sitting in my driveway Saturday night though!

Well... the baby is up so I will have to finish this later... my sweet baby girl has a cold... and I now have a sore throat...

6:08 p.m.

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