Saturday, September 8, 2012

Store trips with Mommy

My sweet little girl is sound asleep on the couch. She had a long day as far as she is concerned, but she was so good through it. Today when I ran to the store, she really wanted to go, so I brought her along, and made a nice trip out of it. We stopped first at the book store so I could treat myself to a chai (oh how I miss those) and I got her a cookie and let her run around in the children's section for a bit.. she was just so happy to be out and about. I know I should do that more often, I just get so caught up in wanting to run out, grab what I need and run back home.
Then of course she was being so good at the store, she ended up with a big red stuffed bear, AND a stuffed pink horse... AND some really cool (thankfully cheap) boats for the bathtub. But she has been over due for some things like this. I can never get them everything I want to... I know that will improve once we get back home... I am just counting the minutes.
Speaking of getting home... I am not sure still when I am counting down too yet. We know at the latest we will be heading back Memorial Day weekend. I just really hope it all works out so we can get the hell out of here sooner. My husband and I have been having more moments where we are stressed past our limits and taking it out on one another than moments where we are understanding one another's issues and pulling together. Over all we are very close... I just hate all the crap that is making us both insane these days. My husband might have to fly into NY for an interview Monday, or might not. Our tenants might be sending us money on Monday for the month's rent, or might not (frankly I hope they don't and just leave, then we can just leave here) and contingent on that we find out if we have money to give our landlord in court Tuesday (for the eviction crap) or if we will be given a date to get out by... which I know will be sooner than we are ready for, if in fact our tenants don't get the hell out of our house.
Did that confuse you enough? Amazingly I am not confused by it all at this point. Just antsy to get the hell home. And OUT of this place. I am still just taking it all one day at a time.
I just keep thinking we are almost there. It is so close. I just feel like we have been so close for so long now it seems never ending. One step at a time, right?
Moments like this morning keep me together. My sweet baby girl was thrilled to be out with me. Now she is sleeping like an angel on the couch. My little smiling baby boy is on the floor playing with one of his trucks. Moments like this, keep it all in perspective.

4:26 p.m.

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