Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Suffocation and Manhattan Trips

In the next week or so, my images may turn into big red "x" boxes. Never fear - I am still here. I just can't renew my Super Gold Membership for another week or two, and it says I only have 7 days left. Bummer. But - I will get it fixed. Just won't look so pretty for a little while.
I have SO much to say - and about 10 minutes to say it in! I have grown so very tired of having no space of my own. Since moving, my mother and brother think they just have the run of the entire house. I am really losing my mind. My brother comes up and just sits on MY couch in MY living room - and the entire room just fills with this black cloud. Sometimes the black cloud is surrounding my mother too. OH - and I am the taxi. My husband is running my brother to his job right now - that is how I am stealing this moment of time.
Aside from feeling suffocated... things at our new home are truly wonderful. We have some very sweet neighbors - and I even made a friend of one of them! She has a 4 year old daughter, and an almost 2 year old daughter. Right at my Jillian's age - and just a little younger than my little guy.
We have a bit of a car crisis - and I am just so upset over it. My husband and his best friend went to the Yankee game on Thursday. (Which they lost - but anyway...) And when they come out of the stadium to go home - the car is gone. It had been towed. Apparently the registration was up - and my husband had not noticed yet. It had just recently expired, and the notices for that car still go to the address that was his mother's house. Which is a huge part of the problem. You see - the reason we took that car, was the note was one with NO interest. We spoke with the dealer - and had left it in his mother's name - because refinancing it to our name added a tremendous amount of interest. But that left the registration in his mother's name. Fast forward to Thursday. The city towing will only release the car to it's registered owner. The registration could have been renewed online with no problem... but now - it has to be put in our name. Which can only happen when the loan is paid off. Currently an impossibility. So - we are stuck. Unable to get the car back. It is very irritating. And now we are in a position where we have to have 2 cars. I HAVE to get Jillian to and from school. I have all sorts of commitments. Plus the way my family expects me to be their free taxi service at their every freaking whim - I am just ready to scream.
My husband said to not worry - that he has it handled... it is just so frustrating.
I actually went into Manhattan on Friday night with a friend! It was a truly wonderful experience. We were not in Times Square, we were actually in SoHo, which was really neat. I don't think I had ever been to that part of the city before. We went to a "lecture" (that is not a good way to describe it, it was part a talk, part a workshop) by Alberto Villoldo. He is our teacher's teacher in our 2 year Shamanism workshop. (He is also the author of Shaman, Healer, Sage - a truly wonderful book, in my opinion.) The entire thing was just truly wonderful and amazing!
I have had some down moments... my hip has been hurting terribly. And Tuesday of last week, just out of the blue my back started hurting. It still has not stopped. But other than that - things are good. I feel like we have so much going on - and I am looking forward to Halloween. Dressing the kids up in their costumes and everything. I was the first on the block to put "spider webs" in the bushes and my giant inflatable pumpkin with ghosts on top in the yard. But now everyone else has done it too.
Ok, I know there is more I wanted to say - but I am starting to push my luck with the calm moment and time to write here at home. I will be back to write more soon though!!!

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