Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet meaningful moments

It's so odd how I can be stressed to my breaking point one moment, and nearly ok the next these days. But I know whatever is thrown at me I can handle... I just have to keep everything in perspective. The hell we went through this past year... it took so much for us to get where we are... and I can't lose sight of that.
My husband keeps reminding me of that, and he is completely right. This past year, has brought us to such a new level together - we are a much stronger team now than we have ever been... and I am thankful for that.
Just moments after I finished writing my totally frazzled and stressed out entry the other day, my door bell rang... (what now, right?) But instead of more stress... there were these:
My Roses

Along with the sweetest note... at first I thought they were more flowers for my husband, just coming a bit late... but instead, the note read: Even though I'm not always with you, My love is always with you."
Not to undermine anything else my husband has done for me recently that I may just be overlooking at the moment... but that was really one of the sweetest things he has done for me recently. It's not that he "sent me flowers" - it is all the thought behind it. Thinking of everything we have been through recently... it just means that much more.

9:48 a.m.

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