Saturday, September 8, 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel gets bigger, and better...

I didn't exercise yesterday like I was supposed too... and chances are I won't today. I am just so sore... and when I am packing I don't feel like I am straining or anything, but I guess I am more than I know.
Last night, my lower back was hurting so bad. More than it has hurt in a long time. I have gotten used to my hip hurting... but not my back. And it just felt like there was a sharp 50 lb weight sitting there... After my husband went to bed, as I was talking to my mother on the computer, I literally cried over it. (I did not tell her about it.) Now, when I hurt so bad I cry... its bad. I didn't even tell my husband... I just feel like he thinks I am exaggerating... (sometimes I feel like he simply thinks I am lying when I say I hurt, but hopefully I am wrong there) or he just doesn't understand. This is not some "I stubbed my toe" pain... this is REAL pain. I can't wait for the day we have insurance. I want to get myself fully checked over, and finally get something to help me on my "bad" days.
Other than my pain... everything is coming together nicely. I just want to be home so badly. And on that note... we think we have very good news. By our attorney's suggestion we sent the tenants basically a one sentence email, just asking them to confirm they will be out on the first - and their response shocked me! (Even that they *did* respond was a shock by itself.) But they said "they will be gone by then." I can't even express how happy I am that we are going straight back to our house. We won't be split up... we won't have to store our things... I can child proof things... I just feel SO relieved. (A part of me is still planning for some last minute problem, like them not leaving, or leaving the house a total wreck.) But at least, if we take them at their "word" - we are really going back to OUR house!
Part of me feels like jumping up and down... another part screams "no my back!" - but yet another part is being very cautious with this.
I can't wait until tomorrow night. When I have the kitchen fully packed. One day at a time... as we draw closer to the end of the tunnel.

12:58 p.m.

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