Saturday, September 8, 2012

The week behind me

 Wow... I don't even know really where to start with this. I feel like the past week has been such an insane whirlwind.
It is so hard at this point for me to comprehend that one week ago today, I was still sitting in that pit of hell... looking out the front door at an increasingly packed U-Haul. That day was so surreal, in so many ways. We got the truck packed... and the kids were so good. And I knew how close to being over so much of my stress was... but still I could not accept it. Like it was too good to be true.
I even got to see my former friend in a surprise visit. (I thought she would send her husband over for a video tape that belonged to them that I found... but instead she appeared at my door.) And much to my surprise, gave me a much needed, and extremely deserved apology. Now... the rest of this will get it's own cute little entry at some point... but right now... I am not in the mood - and am just going to focus on the good things.
Anyway... the drive was rather uneventful. The kids were just awesome... they slept, and smiled for basically the entire drive. And I got some neat shots with the camera, I think one of my favorite one's is this. But the pretty scenery runs a close second.
By the way, in case you could not tell, I got the pictures from the drive up. I have a few more to put up today, like a picture of the new desk I put together in the middle of the night the other night... and by the way, this desk is great! It already has made me so much happier than the other one did. So.. feel free to browse through. (I have more than the few I have linked in here up.) Here is the hotel room in DuBois Pennsylvania. And here is some neat fog. (It was in a valley... only lasted a few minutes but it was SO thick! And I LOVE fog.)
Getting home has just been amazing. On one hand it feels like we never left, yet on the other, we had such a hell of a year. It just feels so much better than I ever could have expected to be back. I finally feel like I am making progress unpacking. And I am almost tolerating all the pain my body has decided it is in... so, things are looking up. I still feel like I have not had time to sit down and "breathe" - and accept that we are truly, finally home yet. But that moment is coming... I can feel it closer than ever now.
I guess I will close for now... try and get more unpacked. (It is so great to be able to say UNpack instead of pack now!)
Oh.. one more thing: I know you read my diary for her. I know you think you have some divine right. I know you think you know me, think you have a right to mock me. You are clueless.. and you mean nothing to me. I honestly do not give a damn what you think. You choose to believe a lie, then that is your problem. I just find it hilarious she does not have the courage to read it for herself... since clearly she wants to know so badly. I mean... you check my diary on average 5 times a day. - For her? How sad is that.

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