Monday, September 10, 2012

Think good thoughts...

My husband is currently on his way to another job interview. His second in person one this week... and he has another tomorrow as well. He has also done a few phone interviews.
I want resolution to this situation we have found ourselves in... but I know better. The turmoil we have gone through over the past year reminds me... these things don't happen right away... so I should not get my hopes up. Ideally? He comes home today with an amazing offer already given to him, and guaranteed employment.
But that is the problem with the positions he is qualified for. Nothing happens quickly. There is an interview with someone... then generally a phone interview with a "more important" someone... sometimes halfway across the country... and then a trip, either by an even more important someone here to do another interview... or by my husband going to where ever for a "final" interview. Then there are the reference checks, and back and forth time...
And our mortgage payment is due on the 15th. Now, I have paid everything else so we are fine until about November 1st... but the mortgage payment... I don't even have enough in the bank to cover it now - we were still living pay check to pay check from all the debt we had fallen in this past year... so... the money in the bank now will cover additional groceries, and such for the month. The gargantuan mortgage payment? Well.... that worries me. It HAS to get paid on or before the 15th... otherwise it is yet another blemish on our credit, and bad marks on our mortgage, with a company who was merely a week or so away from foreclosing on us this spring.
Part of me can't even wrap my mind around all of this yet. Like I just can't find the emotions to even express them. I am so upset... and so worried... and I feel like it is ripping me apart on the inside. But I have gotten so used to this feeling. As my husband left earlier, all spiffy looking in his suit.. he just said "I can't believe I am having to do this again..." Yeah.. that is exactly how I feel. It is like we had just relaxed and allowed ourselves to believe things were not going to come crashing down around us....... and here we are.
So, everyone please... say a prayer, light a candle... whatever you fancy.. just think good thoughts for us, and that something from all these interviews this week lands him a good stable job... that we barely miss a paycheck.

3:37 p.m.

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