Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

First and foremost I want to say, as I sit here watching the footage of this hurricane (Katrina) coming ashore in the south, I have everyone down there in my thoughts. My old "stomping grounds" of Mobile, Alabama... along with New Orleans (which I have been to more times than I can count, the history and beauty of the city is unrivaled in my opinion...) I just hope, that with whatever buildings and structures may crumble, everyone comes out of this safely.

Now... this weekend we took my step-daughter to the Nature Preserve we had gone to last weekend.. and this time, we decided to leave the stroller behind, and let my little guy run free. I was so worried he would just run "loose" - but he did wonderfully! He is such a little trooper... all the stairs and everything, he wanted to do HIMSELF! It was just so adorable to watch!
I am having one of those "my children just amaze me more and more each day" moments... and have been for a while now. My little guy is talking more and more - and it just makes me so blissfully happy. I can't believe I am about to have to "plan" my baby girl's 3rd birthday party.
Well... before I go get all sappy... I am going to leave you with pictures from this weekend.
Just click the one below, and it will take you to the rest.

More rock pictures!

10:05 a.m.

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