Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

I also did an entry last night... you can find it here.
Currently my husband is taking a nap... or attempting too. My baby girl is with him... and they are in my bed. Now.. this is wonderful, especially if she does actually nap... this past week... she has not been napping... and it at times, has been enough to make me want to pull my hair out. Not to mention... my husband barely has gotten any time with either of the babies recently, so he could really use some cuddles with his baby girl.
So why is this moment giving me reason for concern? All this past week... for the 10, 20, or one lucky day 30 minutes she has dozed off... (on the couch) - she has not been wearing a diaper. We have truly crossed the potty training hurdle (finally!) but - I did have her still wearing a diaper at night, and for her naps. This week, she has managed to effectively not wear a diaper for any of her mini-naps - and has not had an accident. But those "naps" have not been in the comfort of a bed.
Now, she is sleeping... in my bed. (On my side of the bed too, I am sure...) - with no diaper. My bed is much more comfortable than the couch... so... I am a bit worried... and am rambling on about it here, in an attempt to keep myself from biting off all my fingernails. I am really so proud of her... it took forever to get her "ok" with using her potty... but now she is doing GREAT. And... my baby boy... who will be two in (sniff sniff) 18 days is acting like he is totally ready to start using the potty too. So... I think this week we might take a crack at it. He goes up to her potty, pulls down his pants (diaper under them) and sits down... sits there a few moments, says "potty" and gets up.. clapping and happy - like he has seen us do for his sister. The real test will be to see if he is actually doing anything when he does that. I am almost willing to bet though.. that he is.
No more diapers... I would be so sad. But I would throw a party too! It would save so much money... though it would all be temporary.. we do want to have another baby in the future. It's just that.. my baby boy can't be ready to use the potty yet.. he still sleeps in his crib! (Which won't last much longer I am sure...)
Did I mention how completely screwed up our schedule was all week? No... I didn't think so. I kept silent because I was hoping if I didn't say anything... maybe it would all go back to normal - but I can see now that probably is not going to happen. And honestly.. it is a huge adjustment.
The majority of my husband's office... has moved. He is included in this. And it is not like they just took more office space across the street or something... they went from Melville, to Queens. [Map] Friggin Queens. Now, our house was already 25 some miles East of Melville.. now he has to go, nearly 60 miles - in traffic. He got home between 8:30 and 9:30 all week. Currently.. I am trying very hard to adjust to this. He was home for dinner almost every night before this... and now.. he made it home once this week. I am just worried about beginning to feel lonely... and alone in everything. Does that make sense?
I just hope everything settles back down... and somehow we find a way to get him home at a "normal" time again - at least a couple of nights a week.
Otherwise, things are good... I will wake everyone up at 3:00 so we can head off to a birthday party. And yesterday I took my baby girl (and my mom) to Avalon (nature preserve) - I will be sure to put up pictures soon! I got some nice pictures of all the fall colors!

Update... my baby girl did not fall asleep with her Daddy.. so she is out here with me now, and my bed, is safe. *phew!*

1:50 p.m.

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