Saturday, September 8, 2012


I am really sorry to do this... and I know it will be annoying for anyone who stores passwords and such, and even more annoying that I didn't save everyone's email addresses... but - due to things nearly out of my control, I needed to change the password to my private entries folder.
Please email me, or leave a comment, and I will send you the revised password.
And yes, I did a private entry today.

That said... a quick update...
My husbands new job is going very well! Our medical insurance will start March 1st (I originally thought Feb 1st) and I can't wait for that! I also can't wait for him to finally get his first check on the 14th!
AND - I had to send our tenants a letter because, yes, yet again, they are late on their rent. If it's not one thing... it's another.
I will be writing more soon... right now I am just adjusting back to being home alone with my munchkins... once I have a routine down... I will have some "me" time in the mix to write and such.

10:00 a.m.

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