Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who has the voodoo doll

I sit here this morning, having to remind myself that this is MY diary and I should be able to write in it whatever I damn well please. That said, over the past few weeks I have noticed there is a small handful of "people" who read my diary merely to gather "dirt" on my husband in attempt to slander him any way they see fits their warped views - and to these "people" I say stay out of my business, stay out of my diary, and realize you know nothing of the full extent of what goes on in my life. Unlike the people who read this diary who actually, truly CARE you do not have any clue about the workings of my life as you only take bits and pieces of things said to fit your screwed up agenda. Therefore, if any of you are reading this... do us all a favor and go away.

What I am about to write I will NOT allow to be turned against my husband in any way.
Ok... now that I have everyone thinking I have either lost my mind or am attempting to get an Oscar for best dramatic performance... I will tell you it is neither. I wanted that at the beginning of the entry, rather than at the end, because I needed it seen and REALLY read.

That said... yesterday was a very odd day. Everything I had written the past two days, worrying over Valentine's day and such... just seems almost petty now. Yesterday morning at 11:30 am my phone rang, and it was my husband. Of course one of my first questions to him was why was he calling from the cell phone... and as he began to tell me he made a "big" mistake and "really screwed up" my heart began to sink.

He was fired yesterday morning. From a job that he knew he could really, really love. From a job that was going to get our finances straight in the next two checks and health insurance for our children. And he is devastated.

As far as the "mistake" he made... honestly I think they should have given him at least one warning... but I also understand it does not work that way, especially when your such a "high ranking" employee as he was.

Now we are back to square one. He doesn't even know how to tell his mother. Recently she told him there seems to be a "black cloud" hanging over the family... and with everything she is going through with his father... she really does not need this. But we have no choice... we have to tell her. It took him so long to finally secure this job - I am trying to stay optimistic that it will be easier this time. But I know better.
I have so much running through my head right now... and I don't want to put it all in here at the moment. In due time I suppose...

On a good note... we got a good bit of snow last night. Not the 10 inches they predicted, but I think at least 6. I love the snow so much. Now... if we were on Long Island - they are going to get nearly 2 FEET in Suffolk county where our house is. Now THAT is a REAL snow storm! But at least this is enough for my baby girl to be excited with. She LOVES the snow too... just like her mommy.

8:26 a.m.

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