Friday, September 7, 2012

Work. NY. Another dollar another day.

Sometimes you feel like just one thing after another is going to happen, right? Well... things have *not* been the picture of perfection at the job my husband took that moved us here. In fact, things have virtually been the opposite of how he was told things would be...

You will have covered family medical insurance from day one.... (ok, that was in June, what's happened since? They DROPPED their plan insurance because not enough people were participating, because it was $800 a month they were trying to take from their employees for it, where as my husband had been told they would be COVERING our insurance. So we tried to get private insurance and have them cover that... it was even cheaper than the group insurance. They refused.)

Your pay will increase by $1000 ever month for the first three months (because the first months pay was WAY low but we accepted because of the amount they had paid for the relocation.) Now two months in - they are still paying him the same amount.

They are complaining to him he is not making the company produce more, yet they are hindering him at his every turn - for instance they did a trade show or something a week or so back - their banner... for their booth WAS HAND DRAWN because they refused to pay for a "real" one. In the office... they don't use "real" pads with company logo - OR even $5 for a 12 pack office max ones.... they use free pads from someone's wife's office who happens to be a doctor. So, instead of having their COMPANY logo on anything hand written they need to give someone... they have "claritin, zoloft, or the dreaded paxil" instead. Go figure.

And years ago when we were in Texas and I worked at the main office to the mortgage company these guys were with at the time and I SAW their money (I handled payables and receivables for their branch) they seemed like they had some common business sense. In other words SPEND money to MAKE money. But I guess I was wrong.

So, yesterday my husband goes to cash his check (so it can be put into our bank as cash since we are going on our trip next week to NY) and guess what - their bank can't cash it... there is NO money in their account. (Can I just say they just broke several laws here...) That was the last straw. Thankfully they went and transferred money and what not and by the end of the day my husband was able to cash his check... but as he left, he left the key to his laptop on his desk, and brought anything he didn't want to stay there permanently with him.

Basically from the moment we moved here he has had a job offer (for a much better paying position) from an old friend of his originally from NY who happens to live and work here. He didn't think he would need to take it. Things change. Shit happens, right? He starts the day after we get back from NY. (Thankfully no employment gap this time.)

THAT brings me to NY. I have been arguing about this with my husband for months now. When we LEFT NY we KNEW we were ALL coming back the week of August 11th because 1) it's my step daughters same aged cousins birthdays that week, and 2) in January we bought tickets to see Rush.

I feel like my husband has been pushing and pushing for JUST himself to go alone for too long now and he has been pushing too hard. Of course then his mother joined the fray and decided too that SHE thought JUST he should come. (Ummm.. excuse me you do want to SEE your grandkids... right?) So to keep it easy, we decided to drive there, and stay in a hotel instead of with her.

Now we are short $500. I am still hell bent on going to NY too. I am just not comfortable with my husband going alone... AND now its too late to get him a plane ticket for any price that would resemble anything less than we will be spending on the hotel anyway.... and he certainly can't take the beat up car there... he would get stranded somewhere in the middle... and he sure as hell can't take the truck and leave me here with no transportation for myself and the kids if I need it... and that's just the way it goes. I have already sacrificed going to the Rush concert (which I REALLY DID want to go to) because his mother would not commit to being able to watch my two babies.... but I will NOT sacrifice the entire trip. What pisses me off is he seems to be happily LOOKING for any reason to go alone. In my opinion he should be TRYING to help me find ways to MAKE SURE we all go. SOMEBODY tell me if I am wrong....?

I WANT my stepdaughter to see her other two siblings very badly - I mean.... she already hardly acknowledges they exist to her school friends and such (to her friends there we have heard her say she has a brother. (That would be her mother's youngest - and her mother certainly doesn't bother to correct her "mistakes.") And my little girl loves her big sister so very very much. She would squeal with delight when she would walk in the door when we were in NY... for the longest time when we moved after she saw a picture of her.. she would just beam with happiness - but that has started to fade. She has started to forget. I DO NOT want that. I had that growing up... I had 2 half brothers I NEVER saw, and I know my relationship with them is strained now because of it. I WILL NOT have that for my children. All this, not even taking into account we PROMISED my step daughter she would see EVERYONE in August.

Geeze.... this got long and I am just getting started. BUT I hear my baby girl up upstairs.

10:06 a.m.

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