Saturday, September 8, 2012

Work outings...

Check this update too.
Earlier today I got to have such a sweet moment with my daughter. She must have had a bad dream with the way she woke up from her nap... so I went upstairs and got her, carried her down and sat on the couch beside my snoozing husband. She just clung onto me so tight, and snuggled there against my chest for a good 20 minutes. I have not had that in SO long with her. She is older now and wiggles away most of the time... it was just such a relaxing peaceful moment for me. And she really seemed to enjoy it too. She was pretty much awake most of the time, and was not asking me to turn on her TV show or anything... she was just happy to be snuggling with her mommy!
My husband's first week of work went very well. I think I am finally beginning to relax about it all. And an even bigger step for us... I am not even worried about him going to their "Christmas" party without me. Yes... I said Christmas. Apparently they are having it January 22nd. Don't ask me... I have no clue - but it is some 2 hour on a boat dinner thing. He assured me he will NOT drink to excess and will mind himself... and I honestly believe him.
An even bigger break through... a last minute thing came up with someone coming into his office from out of town... all the "head think-they-are-really-important-shit-for-brains-looking-for-an-excuse-to-go-out people" in his office are supposed to go - being that he is the new kid on the block... it truly is important for him to go... so - Monday night he has to go to this restaurant for drinks and crap. The kicker? His exact words to me were something like: "I know I have to grow up, and I know in the past I have taken advantage, and I know better now." So, he will go, have one drink, mingle and make an appearance, and come home to his family where he belongs. I told him of course when I first heard about this "outing" I hit the freak out button. It is just a habit... a truly deeply ingrained habit at this point from everything I have gone through with him in the past. But with what he said... he really made me feel so much better. Maybe... just maybe he "gets it" now.. maybe he at least partially sees my point and such. At least, I sure hope so.
Maybe this past 4 months was worth even more than I could have imagined. Only time will tell.

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